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Commercial Cleaning Services Price List

Clean Hands Columbus provides commercial cleaning services for offices, apartment cleanouts, retail locations, medical facilities, schools, churches, casinos, stadiums, and more in Columbus, Ohio. Some customers hire professional cleaners for a one-time service, and others use a cleaning service multiple times a week on an ongoing basis. We can provide janitorial services to small storefronts and offices under 1,000 square feet, as well as massive warehouse spaces and corporate offices over 10,000 square feet. Several factors affect the cost of commercial cleaning:

Square footage

The larger the space to be cleaned, the higher the cost, as the job will take more time, products and potentially people power. Below is a hypothetical breakdown of commercial cleaning cost

  • Standard, 1,000-square-foot doctor’s office: $105, including three bathrooms, eight rooms, a receptionist desk, waiting room, hallway and front windows—vacuum, sweep and mop for all. Three hours at $35 per hour.
  • Standard, two-floor, 10,000-square-foot business office: $210, including four bathrooms, two lunch areas or kitchens, a receptionist area, 10 offices, 10 windows, stairs and a sitting area— vacuum, sweep and mop for all. Six hours at $35 per hour.
  • Standard 20,000-square-foot commercial business space: $420, including four bathrooms, an executive office, four offices, lunchroom, customer service area, show room, main entrance and front windows, with cleaning for all floors. Twelve hours at $35 per hour.

Windows and bathrooms

Windows, bathrooms and lunchrooms or kitchens generally take longer to clean and disinfect than hallways, offices or waiting rooms. The greater the number of windows to be washed and the more higher-traffic areas to be cleaned, the greater the total cleaning cost will be.

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